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The Carity Land Corp. Process 

Carity Land Corp. has specialized in the development of high quality, residential subdivisions in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area for over 30 years. We are committed to acquiring and developing highly desirable land and delivering outstanding quality to our customers.

Whether developing personally or for a client, a Carity Land Corp. development is guaranteed to be professionally and sensitively designed to respect surrounding land use, while preserving environmentally significant areas and maintaining the natural integrity of the land.

Attention to detail includes innovative land plans that seek to preserve open space and natural areas while maximizing views and privacy.

Uncompromising architectural requirements attract distinctive, stylized homes to a Carity Land Corp. development. Where appropriate, a mixture of housing elements can include condominiums, townhouses and single-family homes attaining housing diversity and transitional land use. These combined elements insure the security of your investment resulting in exceptional places for working, living and recreation.

What to Expect When You Contact Us:

Our policy is simple, WE ARE DEDICATED TO COMMUNICATION, the first person that answers the phone will be the same person that guides you through the entire lot buying process.

From the moment of your first call, you will be ensured a positive experience with Carity Land. Our sales associate answers the phone directly, you will not be transferred and you will not be prompted with sales fluff.

Selecting a Lot:

When you express your interest in one of our subdivisions, you will receive all the pertinent information on that specific lot or development. This includes a summary of restrictions, plat, price list, hold form, deed restrictions and most importantly both the grading plan and plat with individual lot dimensions. We stand ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our development. Our goal is to help you find the right lot for your new home. With all of our lot and subdivision experience we are very qualified at pointing out factors you may have yet to take into consideration. This is very helpful if you do not have a lot of construction experience!

The Offer:

After you select a specific lot, we will put your lot on “hold”. At this time we will ask for all your personal contact information which is done through our lot information checklist and hold form. It would be useful for you to take this time (usually one week) to contact builders, attorneys, lenders or review our information. Next, Carity Land Corporation prepares and sends you the Vacant Land Offer to Purchase (WB-13). We want to make sure that this process is clear and simple for you which allows you to make informed decisions. You will find that we mark each line where information is required. We recommend the use of an attorney for any legal advice. A down payment is required with the return of the signed Vacant Land Offer to Purchase . This is then placed in our trust account and will be credited to the Buyer towards the purchase price at the time of closing.

We then contact the title company that represents us and order your title insurance. You will receive a copy in the mail prior to closing. Between the date of the offer and the closing date, the customer is expected to work diligently on their financing and/or firming up a building contract. We generally allow for a 30 – 45 day closing. According to the Offer, a closing date is set up in conjunction with your lender, Carity Land Corporation, the Buyer, and our title company. All parties are required to be present at the closing of your lot. Carity Land Corporation will be in contact with your lender and will send them all closing statements and supporting documents prior to closing. (If at any time during this process a date changes or you need an extension and/or amendment, please contact us. We ask that you simply keep us informed of any changes.)

The Closing:

At the closing, the title company administers and completes the closing. They explain each line item and all related documents. Please plan on your closing taking anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. With the signatures of both the Seller and the Buyer you will become the happy new recipient of the site for your dream home!

Home Plan Approval:

When you are ready to build, per the offer, it is your responsibility to again Contact Carity Land Corporation to have your building plans approved. EVERYONE is required to submit three sets of final plans and three stakeout surveys. If there are any questions regarding your home design and placement, we suggest that you send us your preliminary plans. Within a few days you will be contacted and informed that your plans are ready for pick up. On occasion, if the plan is not in compliance with our restrictions the plan will be marked up with red pen as to the necessary changes that need to be made. (To avoid this, again we recommend a set of preliminary plans). Plans will be signed and stamped and after all parties understand and make all recommended changes, You, our customer, are ready to go and apply for your building permit.

We wish you a wonderful and rewarding building experience!

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