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This 139 lot subdivision is conveniently located between College Avenue and Martin Drive on the northern edge of Muskego, Wisconsin.  It is a four minute drive from the expressway entrance of I43 and Moorland Road.

Kirkland Crossing consists of 91 acres of beautiful, rolling land together with a 26-acre, mature woods to be preserved as a central parkland to be enjoyed by all Kirkland Crossing residents.  Park Arthur borders Kirkland Crossing on the west.  (Owned and maintained by the City of Muskego).  Park Arthur contains three youth, synthetic turf, baseball diamonds, one full size diamond, a sledding hill, archery range, walking trails and it offers cross country skiing in the winter.  Additionally, Idle Isle Park with frontage on the north side of Little Muskego Lake is a short three minute bike ride away.

If you like privacy, open spaces, cul de sacs, a preserved forest backdrop or lots with a view you will fall in love with Kirkland Crossing! It is sure to be Muskego's newest, most coveted subdivision. 

Our first phase of 20,000+ sq. ft., fully improved lots is scheduled to start construction in the near future. 

Please contact Kristin to be added to our waitlist or with any questions at

414 915-6387.

Sales Information
Quiet Wood & Cranes Crossing North - Men Falls

Carity Land Corporation is currently engaged with the Village of Menomonee Falls to entitle a large, 133 acre development parcel located north of Cranes Crossing Subdivision between One Mile Road and Marcy Road. It is important to understand that this parcel will be undergoing Menomonee Falls approvals in the coming months and that this brief description does not imply that any of the development entitlements have been received. However, due to considerable buyer interest, we are willing to share our proposed plan.  

Following is a brief description on the three components of the plan:


The Developer has created a creative open space plan that consists of three district areas.  These areas have three different design elements and are geographically separated by open space making them conducive to the Village's PRD ordinance. 

1.  The first area lies immediately adjacent to and to the north of Cranes Crossing Subdivision a development created by the Thompson Corporation in approximately 2006.  The Developer proposes to name this area CRANES CROSSING NORTH. 

2.  The second area has an entrance on One Mile Road and due to its western location this PRD component is proposed to be named QUIET WOOD WEST.

3.  The third planned development area has an entrance on Marcy Road this unique subdivision component is proposed to be named QUIET WOOD EAST.


This area will complete and connect the four stub streets the Thompson Corporation constructed in Cranes Crossing.  The proposed 45 large lots will be similar in size to the adjacent Cranes Crossing lots.  They have been designed to be a minimum of 17,000 sf.  However, the average lot size is 22,188 sf and median lot size is 20,111 sf.  The Developer proposes to mirror the home size requirements and architectural requirements found in the Cranes Crossing Deed Restrictions to respect the adjacent owner’s property values. Over 50% of these lots have enhanced desirability due to their adjacency to the open space private park that meanders through out the entire development.


The Quiet Wood West component of the PRD has an entrance on One Mile Road extending eastward thru a wooded area to a secluded open meadow that enjoys a scenic view of a hidden pond.  Thirty eight, 15,000 sq.ft. minimum single family lots are proposed that contain an average size of 16,878 sf and a median size of 16,017 sq. ft.  The developer intends to restrict these lots to homes of minimum size of 1,800 sq. ft. with strict architectural control of the design elements of the home.  Over 70% of these desirable lots have a rear yard presence on the parkland designed into the entire development making them unique and quite desirable.


The eastern component of the PRD is proposed for a more compact grouping of 85 fee simple, single family lots together with a clubhouse that will be enjoyed by all of the residents in the Quiet Wood East development.  The large club house will contain community rooms, recreational areas, a fitness center, an outdoor barbeque area and a swimming pool. These value added features will support the creation of a community atmosphere that will knit together the Quiet Wood East residents.  Another unique aspect to this area of the development will be a condominium like deed restriction with a provision that the Homeowners Association will provide for all lawn care and snow removal for residents.   Berg Development will design and build the single family homes that are specifically designed to attract a perceived empty nest Menomonee Falls demographic that desires to live maintenance free. 

Sales Information

Please contact Kristin at:

414 915-6387 to be added to our waitlist. 

Please call Kristin for more info: 414 915 6387


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Located on the Northeast corner of STH 164 & Elmwood Road, this flat, vacant land property is one of the few large intact parcels that remain in the Village of Richfield.   Offered for sale for the first time and currently zone and utilized agriculturally.   There is the distinct possibility to rezone to a desirable conservation single-family development under the Village of Richfield, 3 acre density requirements - see attached example.  As an alternate land use, the parcel would be conducive for a horse farm estate or possibly a hybrid 40 acre conservation subdivision and 37 acre estate parcel.  Lots of opportunities….




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